Virgo 2017 Horoscope

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Virgo 2017 Horoscope of Work


You’re facing the fears of fears over work this year and at times you’ll feel like you’re living in your worst nightmare.  You’re coming to the end of a particular cycle of life where work and career are concerned, but instead of buying into the fear factor, try to see this as a cathartic time where you can get rid of a lot of emotional baggage and outmoded practices. Turning the negative to the positive is hard to accomplish, but if you manage it, you’ll turn your life and your attitude around. Rid yourself of negativity and fears and you’ll be able to go where you want to go. The top of the tree! Try to move through the distractions and even anger of what’s been happening in your work life, and you’ll eventually emerge into a streamlined place where wonderful options will embrace you. You’ll feel you’re having to start from scratch and will have to re-build from nothing. At this time of life it can feel like too much bother. Trust me it won’t be. Virgos are renowned for liking things to be in their proper place, and if they’re not they panic. By jettisoning the outdated and outmoded, you’ll streamline a path so tight and organised you’ll be in your element. Keep new goals in sight and nothing will stop you this year.

Virgo 2017 Horoscope of Love


Lucky Jupiter is in a wonderful position for you this year where love is concerned, which is just as well as work and money need a liberal amount of work applied to get them back up to speed. They say love makes the world go round, so fingers crossed eh? Anyway Jupiter in sexy Scorpio linked with Saturn expands the contacts in your life, and even brings new faces into your inner circle, so if unattached, this may be your year to meet that elusive soul mate. If partnered it should be the year where deeper love grows and intensifies. Either way, you cant go wrong. Love is right there on your doorstep so open your eyes. You cant miss it. Your communications channels are wide open now so dont be afraid to speak from the heart. Make this the year where you finally rid yourself of old ghosts from the past, old emotional debris, and outmoded methods of coping with emotional hiccups. Being more free and easy and less rigid in the way you do things even benefits your health. That’s got to be good! Single or partnered, see this year as a time of new beginnings in love and you’ll go from strength to strength in the happiness and contentment stakes.


Virgo 2017 Horoscope of Money


Looking back over last year, you’ve had the most bizarre swings and roundabouts time ever, and at times you either felt like throwing in the towel totally or just sitting back and letting everyone else make the decisions. Very unlike you Virgo! You felt unsatisfied, unfulfilled or just plain bored. Events this year however ensures your talents and creativity are applauded and admired. Hold that thought. Contacts and communications with those in the know, and listening to their advice will give you the new opportunities to succeed. Work may be everywhere, but to get the kind of work you’re looking for, and eventually the kind of money you want to make, wont land on your lap. You’ll have to make it happen yourself. Ignore any carrots dangled under your nose. You’re looking for a quality position with top money and will have the patience to bide your time. Don’t allow the fears that Saturn can bring to everyone this year make you doubt your abilities. Don’t even consider speculating to accumulate this year. It would be unwise.


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