Virgo 12-01-2018

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Today’s Horoscope
You are imbued with an “adventurous nerve” to seek out new and exciting things today. This is because the Moon transits your 3rd house, the centre of bravery and mental exuberance. You possess a curious intellectual streak at present. The close conjunction of Mercury to Saturn may make you apprehensive at first but this is likely to pass and your taste for exploration should be fulfilled. In other areas of life, this is a good time to indulge a little, and enjoy relaxation. Your determination is shifting gears slightly and becoming a much more focused source of constructive energy. This is a time when you should visualise success.

Your muse serenades. Express creativity, passion and love. For three weeks with Mercury in Capricorn, it's easier to share your feelings and affection.

Love 9
Work 9

Source: Free dayli horoscope

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