Tauro 13-01-2018

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Today’s Horoscope
It’s time to discover the truth and with so many planets transiting your 9th house, it may be that you are on a mission to extract something that may not even be there. Be careful of whom you accuse as you may not yet have all the facts and could end up embarrassing yourself. With five planets also transiting this area of your horoscope, it’s quite likely you’ll need to get out in the way from the normal routine. At present, you are at cross purposes with the people in your surroundings who are most able to benefit you. You may come on too strong, and be oblivious to others’ needs and intentions, or to act inappropriately.

Figure out finances before committing to an expense. Costs may be higher than expected… still, a tempting opportunity is worth investigating. Get your partner's view.

Love 8
Work 9

Source: Free dayli horoscope

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