Rooster 2017 Horoscope

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Rooster 2017 Horoscope

Year of birth:

1945, 1957,

1969, 1981,

1993, 2005,


HEALTH: Pay more attention to one’s back when lifting things either on a daily chore or at work. If one is not careful enough, one could easily renew old injuries, then treatment will take twice as long to heal than before. Never try to be macho in front of women. What for? Recent irregular and disturbed sleep pattern causes one to feel agitated easily. Better do some exercises to loosen up the muscular system.

LUCK: Recent incident has opened up one’s eye and awakened one’s mind, instigating one’s determination to get things done without further delay and with a purpose. One has been putting off things in the past and shown no urgency in completing a project, commitment or mission. “Lady luck” will be with those that keep working toward the target and do not give up when facing an obstruction.


MONEY: Financial gains can be made from small business transaction as long as one keeps one’s feet on the ground and not be influenced by “get rich quick schemes”. Some of you might feel generous enough to donate quite a large sum to a charitable organization or contribute your time to help out. As long as one is careful and wise with the spending, one will see through any rough time.


ROMANCE: Embarrassment befalls those that have recently taken a challenge from friends or colleagues to court a certain person within a specific period but failed. Hope one will learn from such experience and try not to be cocky again. A younger family member is causing grief and grave concern to parents over a new relationship.

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