Piscis 12-08-2017

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Today’s Horoscope
You could have some irrational fears and if you can’t sort these out yourself, talk to a friend or someone who has worked through these very same issues. Debating the nature of the universe can be a lot of fun but it can also waste a lot of time. Try to keep your opinions to yourself. You have a lot of drive and energy today, and this will be directed towards your relationships and patching up any misunderstandings that may be lingering between you, especially with friends. The secret is to don’t bottle up your feelings until they become overwhelming. To do this, you may need to cut yourself off from others For the time being.

The next two days could get profitable. Do the homework. Buy and sell. Repay a debt or favor. Keep communication channels open. You're gaining respect.

Love 9
Work 9

Source: Free dayli horoscope

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