Pig 2017 Horoscope

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Pig 2017 Horoscope

Year of birth:

1947, 1959,

1971, 1983,

1995, 2007,


HEALTH: Spinal injury is likely to happen to the female Pig type born in 1959 and 1971. Avoid lifting heavy things or doing strenuous exercises and pay special attention even doing normal chores. For those that are going to give birth during the month, ensure seeking proper medical care and advice in advance from the Doctor.

LUCK: Bright prospect is hovering around the coming months and one should just keep up with the good practice with one’s career or business. Just stay away from immoral activity that could be the downfall of one’s reputation especially for those that are in the public limelight.


MONEY: Careful with one’s spending over the coming months even though one’s good fortune is riding relatively high for the time being. Like the saying “What’s goes up will eventually come down”. Nothing will stay permanent forever in this society. Excess money should be put to many good causes if one bothers to search.


ROMANCE: Family reunion affair takes priority over loved ones during this period and if one’s partner is not supportive enough, he or she could become resentful for a while. For young lovers, their situation has not been much improved compared with the previous month. If the situation still persists, the parent could be forced to give up hope for their children, which is hurtful for all parties.

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