Monkey 2017 Horoscope

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Monkey 2017 Horoscope

Year of birth:

1944, 1956,

1968, 1980,

1992, 2004,


HEALTH:  It is certainly going to cause great concern among loved ones for those suffering from a terminal disease. Only advice at this stage is to be bold and go through all necessary medical treatments that are available. Leave worries behind and try to face the challenge with bravery. Do not give up hope at such an early stage. Death is not such a taboo when one understands the reasons and cycles of birth and death.

LUCK: There have been several discussions on some new projects for those involved in the military, construction, commodities trading or oil industries. Things are going to be very hectic due to deadlines being brought forward, unless one is ready, willing and able to improvise, one should be able to capitalize on such projects. This also requires a lot of planning, determination and cooperation from the various parties involved.


MONEY: Inheritance or financial gains from loved ones is going to make one feel on top of the world momentarily. Spending plans are imminent. Others may expect financial aid from you. One could face a tough decision who to help best. For those with a career, one should not expect immediate financial rewards from recent effort. The management will recognize one’s effort and take into consideration during year-end financial review. Wait & see!


ROMANCE: Bringing work problems home will only create a tense atmosphere between husband, wife, family or partner. The other party might have problems of their own to cope with on a daily routine, even though one might have made a vow to love each other – for better or worse. For the single, one is eagerly looking for a partner that is going to be much more mature than himself or herself.

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