Geminis 23-02-2018

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Today’s Horoscope
You may not be your sparkling self today don’t want to divulge the reason. You mustn’t feel any pressure to speak about personal matters, even if someone presses you. It’s time for a review of taxes, insurance and other fees tied in with property and family matters. Distributing the costs equitably could be a topic of discussion. A family reunion is an ideal way to bring relatives together. If there’s been tension on the home front, it’s time to reconnect and get back to the good old days. Avoid serious topics to smooth things over. Take care in the way you dish out discipline to the “messenger”.

Find a private spot to make long-term plans. Speculate on personal dreams and interests. Imagine how you would love it to be. Take detailed notes.

Love 8
Work 6

Source: Free dayli horoscope

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