Escorpio 12-10-2017

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Today’s Horoscope
You have to crawl before you walk and this applies particularly to stepping up the ladder of success. Make sure you have the requisite knowledge just now. If you are feeling unloved today is always the chocolate getaway! Chocolate produces hormones which emulate love. A situation just now may have a few different sides to it and it will make you feel very aware that your shortcomings require a different approach. Don’t underestimate your own power, though. You’ll have to make several adjustments that will be a tall order today. There’s a tendency to self-centred action, which is going to dominate your romantic affairs.

Today marks the beginning of a two-year lucky personal phase with Jupiter in your sign. Accept greater leadership. Develop talents and passions. Go for your dreams.

Love 8
Work 9

Source: Free dayli horoscope

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