Dog 2017 Horoscope

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Dog 2017 Horoscope

Year of birth:

1946, 1958,

1970, 1982,

1994, 2006,


HEALTH: For those born in 1958 and 1982, one is advised to avoid water related sport activities like, swimming, fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, boating or canoeing. One could suffer from an accident that may be fatal. For others, just be careful at work and concentrate rather than fooling around.

LUCK: Not a very good month for the Dog type overall. For those in business, please be patient with clients and provide encouragement to employees. This is not a time to expand or diversify the business in other directions. For those in career, one has been thinking of changing to another type of job but circumstances do not permit one to do so. Be patient!


MONEY: Expenditure is higher than normal income and one is probably forced to purchase things on credit especially during the festive season. Having a short trip will probably help one to feel better at this stage. Being a spendthrift at this stage is certainly not a wise choice. Remember to live within one’s means.


ROMANCE: Young lovers are having frequent quarrels over material things and financial matters. Such a situation will deteriorate further if either party is not willing to admit its own fault, breaking up will follow next. For married couples, things are not great either with arguments over other’s problems. The Dog’s stubborn attitude is partly the reason. It will take a while before things will get back to normal.

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