Capricornio 07-12-2017

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Today’s Horoscope
Be careful today because people may try to use you to bolster their own security. They could put you down and this is their way of lifting themselves up. Don’t react to things. A hazy assessment of someone could be a problem down the track. Don’t be lazy in studying people more carefully. A false sense of security may have caused you to settle into a cozy sort of professional environment and attitude and shortly you may find that this will be severely shaken up. Preparedness is your keyword today as there are elements in your work path that may be out of your reach. Expand your understanding of what’s going on in your industry.

Listen closely to your partner. Avoid automatic reactions and allow time to cool irritations. Avoid time-sucking arguments and handle what's happening now. Work together.

Love 8
Work 8

Source: Free dayli horoscope

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