Aquarius 2017 Horoscope

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Aquarius 2017 Horoscope of Work


Uncertainty over work was never far from your mind last year, but now with Jupiter shining its benevolent light over your life, things will just get better and better. Certainly you may have to come through a minor setback before joining the big boys, and although it may send the fear of God into your heart at the start, it will be short lived and worth it when you see what lies ahead. There’s a plethora of options and opportunities a waiting you, so get as much done as possible so that you’re ready to accept new challenges, secure in the knowledge you’re leaving behind no loose ends. Your Aquarian mind will help you sift through the wheat from the chaff faster than a speeding bullet, and you’ll make instant decisions over what is worthless and what could be fantastic for you. This narrows your options and gets you moving more quickly. Major changes in March improves your career and finances as Uranus your ruling planet gives you the drive and impetus to go after goals with a vengeance. No matter what you want from career and ambitions this year, you’ll need to be bold. Accept the gauntlet fate has thrown you and prove to yourself, and others, you’re the only one for the job.

Aquarius 2017 Horoscope of Love


With everything else that’s been going on in your life over recent years, love and passion seems to have taken a bit of a back seat, but with Saturn in your partnership house now where it will remain for another two years, there’s no avoiding the fact you need to talk turkey over what relationships, love, passion and even marriage really mean to you. Don’t see things in black and white. Maybe redefining your priorities is all you need to get the love the passion and the excitement back on track and back into your life. One to one encounters really need some close attention from you. More input would be good and liberal doses of encouragement wouldn’t go amiss either. Instead of sticking your head in the sand you need to work at seeing your personal life from a realistic viewpoint. If partners have been demanding you may fear taking the first step, but don’t. They want a better quality of life and love as much as you do, so you’ll find they’ll be willing to meet you half way. It’s important you deal with hiccups and hurdles as they occur this year as if things get swept under the carpet too many times we no longer see them. Put your cards on the table this year along with your hopes dreams and emotional wishes. You may just get what you’re looking for.


Aquarius 2017 Horoscope of Money


A swings and roundabouts year for money where you may have to take others into the equation when you’re working out your cash flow. It may be that you need to support partners or older family members. It may be that business partners want more from you. The goal posts are being moved and you wont be happy about it. In fact your frustration may lead you into saying something rather cutting, then wanting to bite your tongue instantly. Try to weight things up before shooting from the lip. You’re getting wonderful new opportunities in work which will be more long lasting to you in the long run, so cut others some slack over the pounds and pennies. The financial limbo you’re in wont last for ever. Take things in your stride at the start of the year, as come March its a time of all change. Once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius by November, your work and prospects will be on the up and up. It’s a good year to build new cornerstones and structures over money, but try to avoid being your usual flippant Aquarian self when others try to help you or give you guidance. They won’t take it kindly. They’re getting nothing from this. You are. The information they’re giving you is golden so keep your ears and your mind open, and above all remember to thank them.

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